Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recommended Video Game Podcasts

Ever since Apple added the podcast functionality to iTunes in 2005, I have been enthralled by the medium. For those of you that are not familiar with podcasts, they are basically radio shows that have been recorded for distribution on the Internet. Podcasts are great for people who have a long commute every morning or who just need a little background noise while they work. Below you will find a short list of some of my favorite video game related podcasts. I would encourage you to give them a listen as these individuals put a lot of hard work and effort into recording and producing their shows.

Weekend Confirmed: The Video Game Show - Even though this podcast is usually released at the end of the week, I typically get around to listening to it on Monday. Hosted by Garnett Lee (former host on 1UP Yours) and Jeff Cannata, this podcast features some great news and discussion on the latest happenings in the video game industry. If video games don't interested you, you should at least listen for great mashups that Del Rio puts together for them. They are amazing!

Player One Podcast - If you read Electronic Gaming Monthly religiously when you were a kid (like I did), you need to check out the Player One Podcast. This podcast features ex-game journalists Chris Johnston and Phil Theobald as they discuss the hottest topics in the video game industry. C.J. and Phil are also joined by Greg Sewart and Greg Ford which makes for some witty banter. A podcast that delivers refreshing viewpoints from seasoned video game veterans.

Retronauts Video Game Podcast - Retronauts is a podcast that's all about retro video games. Host Jeremy Parish and his other cohorts take your on an amazing adventure through your childhood with each episode. Topics span the gamut from the golden age of the '80s arcade to finding historical context for current releases. Retronauts took a hiatus there for a while but now it's back in all of it's retro glory. Listen now before it goes off the air again!

Gameroom Junkies - This podcast is a must for arcade game and pinball machine fanatics. Hosts Preston and Patrick deliver a great podcast that is not only informative but entertaining. Topics include everything from stories about finding games to additional items to make your gameroom complete. Every episode also features interviews with other collectors that include stories of their "finds" and descriptions of their personal gamerooms. Very entertaining and highly recommended.

Arcade Repair Tips - Q&A Podcast - Well, since I'm promoting video game podcasts anyways, I thought I might as well plug mine! Hosted by Tim Peterson and myself, our podcast focuses on answering questions about arcade repair and restoration. All of the questions that we discuss on the podcast come from real people who submit them through our website, our YouTube page or our various social media outlets. Our goal is to help people fix their game so they can play their game. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Well, I hope that you guys give these podcasts a chance. If you would like to give your opinion on any of the podcasts I've discussed in this post, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

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  1. you should listen to press pause radio. its pretty awesome.